Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TFTs continued..

Its been pretty exciting last 2 months in the states,Here is a list of TFTs (Things done for the first time :)

  1. Experienced tempratures below -10 C for the first time in my life :-)In fact one day a walk across the road felt as if I am on a trek to the north pole! ...wait a sec ..I think I need not goto that level...otherwise I will have to write for the rest of my henceforth only the"substantial" things...
  2. Flew a single engine small plane!!!.wait here is the fine print*... The snaps are here.
  3. Got into a swimming pool! ..definately a substantial achievement for me!!! yet to learn swimming though.
  4. Played Tennis!!! this was as recent as last sunday..12th march.

* with the help of an instructor.

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