Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad Ad

I read this interview on rediff and felt "inspired".

Remember those "Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad"1 messages on Doordarshan in good old days? There were so many of them. I think in those days those messages used to outnumber the commercial ads on DD.

Anyways I dont want to get distracted by their memories right now, what I want to mention here is a particular message out of those numerous messages. I dont remember it exactly but it went something like this:

An unemployed guy in a village is shown cursing the government for his situation, and then in another scene a 'self-employed' guy is shown running his own business, it is shown that he is also employing a couple of other people.

Finally the clip used to end with a punchline "Kudh bhi rozgar pao aur dus aur logon ko bhi rozgar do" ( Get yourself means of living and also give employment to ten more people).

The idea obviously was to encourage young people to start their own businesses and not depend on government for jobs.

I don't know how effective that message was and what difference it really made to the lives of unemployed youth, but some how I imbibed it deeply; and that is partly why I find interviews and articles like the one mentioned above very interesting and inspiring.

Having said that I guess I don't want to start a business just to create new employment, my idea is to do something more meaningful than I am doing now and do that with real passion.

I guess I need an idea to start with. When will I get my idea? Is there something as novel and as big as "Internet" going to happen?

I don't know and its difficult to forsee also, but what I know is that I should be ready.
Right now everything is abstract in my mind. I don't even now what should I do to be prepared. For now I am just going to to read some articles.

1: I forgot what they used to call it in english. Anybody who is reading this please let men know, if you know - Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

One other person who loves 'Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad Ad' i loved listening to Mile sur mera thumhara, due to these stupid channels which do only commercial business, do they actually make any sence. like our lovely doordarshan. we have more meaningful programs. I can recommend any one to watch any program in our DD, which i cant do with any other channels..... Here i raise my hand to support the work DD had done.

SavvyPat said...

I too luv all the ads from LSSP.. the all time favourite 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara', 'The Torch of Freedom'.. gavaskar running with the torch in the rain.. amazing director... also hats off to Louis Banks for amazing composition.. i reaaly feel DD should bring back those Ads agn.. ppl wud luv watching them agn..

Anonymous said...

hats off to DD national for those memorable ads..spiritful and enthusiastic..specially the one i loved most was "mile sur mera tumhara" and i too feel that such ads should be back again on the channel so that the ppl like me will refill with energies.

Anonymous said...

Hello every1...from Canada,

We are established big gujarati community in Canada. We want to perform "Miley Sur Meraa Tumharaa" made by Lok Seva Sanchaar Parishad. We want to know that to whom we can wrote for permission to perform this song in our annual diwali function in Canada. And do we really need any legal -or- official permission for peforming this song on stage ?

Pl. help us to get this querry replied so that we can start rehearsal with our entertainment group. Pl. reply this if anybody is able to helps us. As we don't want to voilate any regulations if so any.We respect our Indian values and Indian culture from the bottom of our heart.


Mayur Rawal.