Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sonia Gandhi resigns from the Parliament!

This morning when I opened my laptop for the news the surprising news was: Sonia Resigns

Although not a 'Congress fan'; I appreciate this decision taken by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. After all how many of our politicians are willing to take such a bold decision? Even the left has said that their MPs won't resign.

One must also remember the decision taken by her Mother-in-law when she was disqualified from the Lok sabha. She imposed Emergency on the country.

Times are different one might argue and also Sonia Gandhi today is on a far high pedestal vis-a-vis other politicians, but still this is a very good development for Indian democracy and must be welcomed.

In my view Mrs Sonia Gandhi has set an example.


Sujai said...

Actually I do not agree. She is still the leader of UPA government. Resigning from MP post hasn't changed her power equation. This is farce. To illustrate this I put a hypothetical news item from future.

Abhinav Bhatnagar said...


I saw your blog, and was surprised because even I had thought on the same lines :-), and that is indeed a possibility.

But regardless of that happening, I still believe that Mrs Sonia Gandhi has done the right thing and with right intentions!

Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion.


chitra raman said...

Just saw this article.

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