Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yes we can -> Can He Stand?

Democratic race is still not over, but republicans have started attacking the presumptive democratic nominee Barack Obama.

The latest one is the launch of the website which asks some tough questions from Obama. Nothing new, these issues have already come up at different points in the last one yr of campaigning, but the packaging is true 'election' style....

The video has voice clips of Obama supported chanting "yes we can" in his campaign speeches.... Nice editing...

The question is: Can Obama stand the heat?
So far he has not really handled criticism from the Clinton camp well, the attacks from the republicans during the main election run are going to be much more vicious - Pronouncing the full name of Obama (Barack Hussein Obama) for example, will be enough to drive away Americans in hordes from Obama.

Even though McCain promises not to use such tactics, still who knows? In the last elections for instance the swiftboating was not an official George W Bush's campaign idea, but it lead to defeat of John Kerry.

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Anshuman said...

Thanks Abhinav for comments on my blog

I am surprised about your interests in politics..I guess u belong to IT fraternity.Youngsters especially in IT never consider politics to be any importance in their lives. You can find strong sense of apathy towards Politics.
Your posts are like gush of fresh air!!