Monday, May 19, 2008

Mulayam ki Daud Maya tak

In the never ending Mulayam-Mayawati mahabharat, this is the one of the latest item
Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh on Tuesday assailed the raid by the Uttar Pradesh police on the Kolkata residence of party general secretary Amar Singh and threatened to expose the “misdeeds” of Chief Minister Mayawati. The former Chief Minister claimed he had enough material at his disposal.

The question any sensible journalist should ask Mr Mulayam singh is - If you have any proof of Maya's wrongdoing why don't you just bring it out rather than only "threatening to expose" it.

and this one takes the cake:
The former Chief Minister referred to the seizure of two and half quintals of explosive material from the Orai railway station during his regime and alleged that two Ministers of the Mayawati regime were involved in it.
He claimed that she (Ms. Mayawati) had requested Mr. Amar Singh in the Rajya Sabha then to get the case dropped as it involved her partymen.
He is suggesting that on request from Mayawati his government had let go of two criminals?

This is preposterous. I guess only in India a top politician like Mr Mulayam can afford to speak his mind as clearly as this. I am wondering if the journalists were sleeping, It was their job to ask some tough questions.

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