Sunday, July 02, 2006


I am reading "Winning" by Jack Welch these days....The book is the result of hundreds of seminars and Q&A sessions Jack Welch conducted since he retired from GE.

A lot of the book's material is taken from the real questions people asked Jack and his replies to them.... The guy is just amazing..... While reading the book frequently this was happening :

I'd see some question and I'd have some idea about what Jack is going to reply but his actual reply would be so different and so much more practical that it really challenged my thinking.

The other thing about Jack which I felt was his ideas and his "theories" sound so universal that I never felt that he is an American talking about American business. He has mass appeal. His ideas make real sense... It will be wonderful to see them in action.....

For example this is what he had to say on being a leader and taking tough decisions:

"You are not a leader not to win a popularity contest, you are a leader to lead".

On getting a promotion his advice is:

"Do deliver sensational performance, far beyond expectations, and at every opportunity expand your job beyond its official boundaries".

he then goes on to give an example from his early career:

He was asked to make a presentation to a visiting senior manager about the progress they were making on a new plastic product, He not only did that but he also made a detailed analysis of the market potential of the product, its competitors and a five year market outlook.

".......You are a leader to lead."

"Do Deliver sensational performance......."

The words are so inspiring for anybody to go ahead and take on the world!!!

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