Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Salaam Bombay

On April 3,  I wrote this.... But could not post it... hence posting it now...
Saw <i>Salaam Bombay</i> yesterday. The film deals with the issue of street children and their lives.It was moving.

Even though entirely shot in Bombay in 1986 it is sad that even today one can easliy find such children in huge numbers in Indian cities. In the DVD there were a few documentries about how the film brought awareness in general public and how some NGOs have been started for the betterment of street children .

Here is one.There were video footage of some of such centres as well. Their effort is really commendable but I must say that much more needs to be done on a massive scale.

In India all these issues of poverty- corruption-Infrustructure-Growth are inter-related and we as a nation are struck in visious circle.Some way has to be found to come out of it.


Rajal said...

Poverty-Corruption-Infrastructure-Growth are inter-related! Nice point but I do not completely agree.

There are corrupt people, who are not poor! How will you explain this?

Is corruption linked to growth? India is corrupt but then how is our GDP growing at 7-8% pa.

I agree that infrastructure is an input to the growth, however.

Abhinav Bhatnagar said...


I look at it this way: Poverty leads to uneducation and vice versa.... lack of education aids corruption as people are not aware of the rights and duties and effects good judgement....just look at our MPs... further Poverty makes people weak to fight corruption... now Corruption is big big impediment to good infrustructure....and hence growth..see so much of govt money goes waste.... India is growing at 7-8% inspite of so much corruption.... if corruption comes down by 50% the growth rate will definately go up drastically...