Sunday, August 12, 2007

US Presidential elections 2008

In the past few weeks, There have been a series of controversies related to comments made by Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. In the earlier days of his campaign I liked the guy but his recent comments increasingly shows that even with all the right and honest intentions he lacks maturity to fit into Presidential shoes.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand is presidential, smart, sensible and gives the impression of being far above the pettiness of the issues her democratic rivals are raising against her. She is emerging as the front runner in the race for the white house.

Overall its fascinating to watch the American democratic system unveiled in the form of Democratic and Republican Debates. The candidates might be good at spin but are still made to answer pretty tough questions.

I hope that some day India also adopt this kind of transparent election campaign system in some form. What we have currently is a system which lacks this kind of transparency and honestly.
I think this is due to the Indian electorate, a majority of which remain illiterate or semi-literate and are oblivious of the real issues country faces, they just vote on cast line or some petty issues created by our politicians, and these are perhaps the only people who go to vote, the educated middle and upper class remain away from voting

But that too some extent is due to the arcane system of electoral set up as well, Myself for example have never voted, I don't know where should I vote as my place of residence keeps changing every 2-3 yrs or so and I don't know when the electoral lists are prepared and how to get my name added/deleted to those, Perhaps a ration card will be required or proof of residence at the new place, The point is that the sheer idea of going to a government office to get something done puts me off, and I know I am not alone.

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