Sunday, July 08, 2007

Incredible India - not so incredible response :-)

The ministry of tourism, Govt of India has launched a wonderful website for the Incredible India campaign.

Even though this might sound like a crazy idea to most Indians, I thought of giving them feedback. Here is the email I tried to send them:

From: Abhinav Bhatnagar <masked masked >
Date: Jul 7, 2007 8:50 PM
Subject: Feedback on

Dear Sir/Madam,

At the onset, let me take the opportunity to congratulate Ministry of Tourism, India for the wonderful "Incredible India" campaign.

The website provides a wealth of information and is beautifully designed. Being an Indian currently residing abroad I felt proud of this website.

I was impressed by the fact that the website is available in four languages. Hindi, Chinese, French and Japanese. I am sure efforts would be underway from your end to provide the site in other languages (particularly european ones) as well.

Being from IT background and having experience in website designing, I could not help but notice a few areas of improvement, I have listed them below:

1. Out of curiosity, when I selected the chinese option on the website, I was presented with a warning message from the Google desktop search program which I have on my machine. Please see the screen shot in attachment.

2. Broken links:
  • On the information page for sikkim the following two links are broken:
3. The home page have some irrelevant links from the point of view of a tourist for example "Entrance test for guide training course etc" these links can be instead moved to a separate section; something like a new section for Administrative matters etc.

These are just some of the improvements which can be made to make the website more user friendly. Ideas can be taken from certain other websites.

There are many other creative things which can be done, for example the TV ad campaign videos can be made available on the website, they can also posted on popular video sharing sites such as, video publicity over Internet can provide huge viral marketing gains at a very nominal costs.

Excuse me for the long email, I will conclude this here congratulating you once again.

Thanks and Regards,

Obviously I was trying to help them here, however when the email bounced from their servers with the message "User mailbox exceeds allowed size:"

Perplexed, I looked up another email address from the site but same result:

"User mailbox exceeds allowed size:"

anybody reading this has any idea what could be done? , I feel that I justed wasted half an hour typing that mail.

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