Sunday, October 09, 2005

Book Review of "Five Point someone" by Chetan Bhagat

Here is the review of the book "Five point someone",  I wrote sometime back:

Written in a simple , non-fussy, informal language the writer relives his IIT Delhi days and After reading it I too was lost in the memories of my college days! . I bought the novel on my weekend trip to bangalore, I was staying in IIM Bangalore's hostel with Tarun, so got the opportunity to read this book in a "college like" setting. Finished it off on the night of 21st-22nd may . Even though this may not come out on the list of bestsellers or one of the classics, but I think its a must read for anybody who's been to college. The story revolves around 3 undergraduates, Hari , Alok and Ryan studying in IIT Delhi. Hari falls in love with one Prof Cherian's daughter Neha. As they indulge in more and more "extra curricular" activities their grades fall and always remain on the fringes of 5 something , hence the title. Even though the title also says "what not to do at IIT", it doesn't seems like writer's advice! The background of the writer interests me (may be coz I don't have it :-) , an IITD - IIMA passsout Chetan is working for a MNC bank in hongkong.

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