Sunday, January 25, 2004

It has been 4 months for me here in Brussels now , 4 long months of a Boring Assignment , Sometimes I think I am being too pessimistic in mu views on this assignment , but then Life is really boring out here .....I have frequent discussions about my Rommie abt this ....He is also of the same opinion , the problem is of social life , I don't make friends easily , and the presnet lot of ppl around me (at workplaces) doesn't offer many choices .....

The only fun part of my stay was my Trip to Paris in which I visited my College fast friend ! However Lately I have began to enjoy the benefits of the public library here ....

The city is generally good compared to india . The Living stds is much higher , but you don't feel at home . Neverthless I have got new prespective on life and the opprtunity to understand another part of the world which is geographically as well as economically so much away from india .

As is my ususal habit I have been following the events in india for the past few months via internet . There are going to be elections , I have had a few verbal arguments with my roomie over the politics in india , He seeems to be against the BJP and me a fan of Vajpayee , I am getting a good feeling as I feel that I am able to articulate my support for BJP much more better than him .

I told him that I also don't likewhat happened in gujrat or Ayoodhya , but still out of a foreigner and Vajpayee I am definately going to chose the later , on one side you have a seasoned statesman , on the other side is a lady whose only claim to fame is her Marriage into a ruling family . I don't have anything against the Gandhis but then they are propogating hereditary politics and the rest of the congressmen are reduced to a level of sycophancy not seen in any part of the world . There was a comment from one of the congreessman "Priyanka and Rahul are the Born members of Congress" and now they are primary members also" .

I am getting a feeling here that I might be getting too political here . but nothing else is coming to my mind now for the moment .

Fir vapas aakar kuch aur post karta hoon .